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Legacy of Precision and Professionalism




At Heartland Industries, accountability is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in our commitment to delivering projects with the utmost precision and reliability. Our accountability extends from the safety of our team to the quality of our services. As a family-owned business, our clients are not just customers; they are part of our extended family. This ethos ensures that every aspect of our operations, from hoisting to pumpjack services, reflects our dedication to being accountable stewards of your trust.

Heartland Industries stands as a testament to experience and expertise. Our journey began in 1968, and through the decades, we've evolved into a trusted name in crane and oilfield services. The wealth of knowledge within our team, coupled with our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, ensures that every project benefits from seasoned experience. When you choose Heartland Industries, you choose a partner with a rich history and a forward-thinking approach.


You can expect precision and reliability with Heartland Industries. Our diverse range of services encompasses hoisting, pumpjack services, hauling, machining, welding, and manlift operations. What sets us apart is not just the array of equipment but our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every project. Our versatile offerings showcase the heart of our legacy—professionalism, attention to detail, and the highest standard of service.

Heartland Industries Inc. is a third-generation, family legacy founded in 1968 that has since evolved into a beacon of professionalism, precision, and excellence. With over 55 years of dedicated service, we've grown into a distinguished name in crane and oilfield services in Central Alberta.

Our legacy is not just about the years behind us; it's about the standards we set for the future. Heartland Industries is dedicated to elevating industry norms, showing up with expertise, and consistently exceeding expectations.

Heartland Industries Inc About Us

At Heartland Industries Inc., our mission is deeply rooted in crafting a legacy of excellence that transcends industry norms. For over 55 years, our commitment to professionalism, precision, and adaptability has driven us to deliver outstanding crane and oilfield services. Our purpose extends beyond hoisting and pumpjack projects; it's about setting new standards, exceeding expectations, and evolving with the industries we serve.

We strive to be the epitome of accountability, ensuring the safety of our team, the quality of our services, and the satisfaction of our clients. Our mission is to not only meet but to surpass your project needs, providing a seamless experience marked by reliability and a dedication to upholding the legacy of Heartland Industries Inc. Join us in shaping a future where excellence is not just a commitment; it's a legacy we proudly build, project by project.

Elevating Excellence, Crafting Legacy


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